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  • What is Tour the Ozarks?
    We specalize in createing fun and amazing tours in the Ozark's. We offer featured tours every weekend that are ideal for smaller groups. We also offer private tours available Monday through Saturday that are ideal for groups.
  • Who is Tour the Ozarks for?
    The Ozarks is home to so many fun and amazing to do, so naturally there is something for everyone! Whether you are planning a date, bachelor, bachelorette party, birthday or office party? Our Ozark Craft Beverage Tour offers dozens of drink samples and an ever changing scene as we jump from venue to venue, ensuring your event stays fresh and fun. Maybe you are planning a family vacation, reunion or wedding? Keep the family together as your group moves between venues. The options are limited by your imagination. For example, even if you and some buddies want to spend the day fishing, that includes a lesson from a pro, a trip to bass pro and lastly out on the lake to catch some fish, this is possible. The possibilities are endless with Tour the Ozarks.
  • What are added services?
    Basically anything extra you want us to do. For example we can offer preloaded cards to your guests so they may buy things at the host's expense while on the tour or perhaps you want a custom shirt or sovenair for each person, we can do that too. Just ask us, we aim to please. Also, any changes to the original itinerary may result in additional charges that are considered added services, ask your driver or tour agent for more info. For example, while on the tour you may decide to add destinations, pick up extra people or need more time.
  • Can I book a tour for just my group?
    Yes, just contact us to get all set up.
  • How much does a tour cost?
    It depends on the tour and type. Private group tours cost less overall on average, but depend greatly on several things like number of destinations, people, miles, time and other added services. We also host scheduled tours too, which are pre packaged tours that are usually built around a theme.
  • When can I schedule a private group tour?
    Anytime, just tell us when you want to take the tour. If for whatever reason we can’t have the tour, a tour agent will contact you of any changes or unavailability.
  • Some tours involve alcohol, what happens if I drink too much?"
    Well as you may have guessed it, nothing good comes from drinking too much. We like to encourage a good time, but we ask you know your limits. If while on a tour that serves alcohol you are cut off by a bartender, that ban will continue until the end of the tour. Vomiting in the vehicle will cost a minimum of $200 to have it professionally cleaned. Any damages to the vehicle may result in a fee. In some extreme cases, if a guest becomes unruly, they may be removed from the tour and would need to seek another way for transportation.
  • How does the payment process work?
    We charge 100% of the tour cost upfront when booking online. You can choose from several payment options including paypal.
  • Do you have a question that isn't listed here?
    No problem, we are ready to answer any questions; 1. Ask your question using the Lets Chat on our website, at the bottom of this page. 2. Use the contact us section which is located at the bottom of our home page. 3. Email any questions to 4. Lastly, try calling or texting us at (417)501-5944.
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