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Copper Run Distillery

Known for their Award-Winning Moonshine, Whiskey and Rum, Traditionally Handcrafted here in the Ozark Mountains.

Fun Fact: Copper Run Distillery is the first legal distillery in the Ozark Mountains since the prohibition ended in 1933.

"Nestled between overgrown oak trees in the Ozark Mountains, sits one of the best kept secrets in Missouri: Copper Run Distillery, a small business growing deep roots. Copper Run is a small-batch craft distillery that favors quality and stands firmly aligned by its slogan, small-batch BIG PASSION.
The Copper Run family of spirits is heavily influenced by local resources, the pure limestone-rich water, the famous Missouri white oak barrels, and the ever changing climate in the Ozarks create a unique distilling and maturing environment but that alone’s not enough to justify the popularity of our products! The secret lies in our distillation techniques and methods that we have developed over the past 10 years; that allow us to make smooth and wonderfully tasting whiskey and rum right out of the still, making the barrel ageing process a mere flavoring and conditioning technique."


The Spirits

Copper Run Bourbon – Limited Batch

Copper Run has entered a new phase by introducing our own Bourbon to our established spirit line.

Made with locally-sourced corn and aged in charred Ozark White Oak barrels for three years, this bourbon has hints of caramel and vanilla with an excellent mouth feel.

This is a limited batch release of only 277 bottles- available in late September 2018.

The “Overproof” Ozark Mountain Moonshine – First Batch

Copper Run has created a new experience in the white whiskey category. This 120 proof white whiskey is distilled and blended from separate batches of corn, wheat and barley.

Appearance: Crystal clear, white whiskey

Aroma: Open and inviting offering of fruity grain.

Flavor: Sweet buttery corn, toasted wheat, with caramelized barley.

Body: Full and smooth, mid tongue heat with lots of curves.

Finish: Clean and rich granola, honey, cinnamon, liquorice…

Overall: A Bold whiskey experience that draws you in and takes you on a journey! Beginning with clean aromatics, moving into fresh grain flavor, growing into tingling warmth and richness that eventually fades leaving a mysterious glow. Product Details: Size: 375ml, Strength: 60% alc/vol. (120 proof). Most commercial spirits produced today are so rectified that they have a relentless blandness but this is far from the case with the “Overproof” Ozark Mountain Moonshine”.

Ozark Mountain Moonshine

Copper Run’s Ozark Mountain Moonshine un-aged spirit comes straight from the still immediately winning awards and public recognition. ‘Moonshine’ is shifting from a word describing an illegal distilled spirit to being recognized as a process historically known to us here in the Ozarks.

This repressed art is giving rise to a new avenue of study and expertise. Distilled spirits were the first domestic product taxed as America was forming, thus creating a long history of secrecy as means to survive. We at Copper Run are grateful to finally have a platform to openly explore and educate the artisan knowledge of our ancestors.

Our flavor captures all the smooth complexity from the earthy root through the citrus green to the buttery sweetness of the corn kernel. Hints of delicate caramel malted tones float in the taste created from our 20 percent wheat mash blend. We believe our flavor is true to what our great grandparents would have savored.

Small Batch Spirit Whiskey

This young whiskey presents a balance of toasted oak and hints of vanilla and caramel flavors blended with sweet corn and wheat undertones that finish with a ripe banana flavor.

Our aged whiskey rests patiently in charred white oak barrels made here in the Ozarks, a long time tradition.

The process of barrel charring offers our whiskey its deep amber color and contributes the vanilla, caramel, toffee and burned marshmallow flavors to our spirit whiskey.

The aging period in a barrel allows the young spirit to mellow and gain the smooth character that should be savored slowly neat or over ice.

Overproof White Rum

The Overproof is the centerpiece, the epitome of our dedication and commitment to making the best Rum we can! You simply have to try this new Overproof either straight or in one of your favorite Rum based cocktails. The flavor and the strength make this unique Rum, simply irresistible!

Appearance: Crystal clear, white rum

Bouquet: Fruity natural aroma with overtones of molasses.

Body: Full

Finish: Flavorful and strong

Overall: Heavily influenced by the Caribbean style Rum, the Overproof is the real deal! Bold and flavorful, it instantly wakes up your senses. This is the mystery/secret ingredient behind many great cocktails.

Product Details: Bottle: 750ml, Strength: 60% alc/vol. (120 proof)

Island Gold Rum

Island Gold Rum is our robust distilled spirit made from blackstrap molasses. The Ozarks has a historical connection to molasses as a supplement due to its nutritional value as well as its pungent sweet flavor.

The molasses embodies a energetic powerful aroma that creates a full mouthed experience when drinking this spirit. Lingering hints of raisin can be detected from the barrels we use. Our barrels have a romantic history of once having dwelled in France storing wine before sojourning to Stone Hill Winery in Herman, Missouri where they resided aging cream sherry until finally making their way on yet another venture emitting character into our rum.

Our carefully slow cooked processing creates a gold rum that can and perhaps should be slowly sipped and savored. We commonly hear from our visitors that they never really liked rum until they tasted Copper Run Rum.


Don't forget your dance shoes, boots or feet, on most Saturdays Copper Run features a live band.

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